ST&SS01: A Cause for Carolling
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Preceeded by Rapture The Heavens
Followed by The Six Minute UNIT Files
Featured cast
The Doctor Aron Toman
Matthew Kopelke
Frobisher Corey Klemow
Jennifer Langard Jana Kildey
Production notes
Recorded November 2001
Released Part 1: June 2002
Part 2: August 2002
Part 3: October 2002
Part 4: Dec. 2002

Sick of the distinct lack of attention the Doctor's been giving her since they left Brisbane, Jenny decides she wants a holiday. However, their plans are cut short when the TARDIS receives a mysterious distress call.

A poor girl called Destina is in desperate trouble, her friends are in trouble and she needs the Doctor desperately to help them. Who are the ones in trouble? The Doctor is, of course...

A time paradox has been started, and despite knowing what it could do to the web of time, the Doctor makes every attempt to rescue his future self. But could two versions of the Time Lord battle the power from beyond the dawn of time that's being wielded here? Or will this paradox become even more complex than either could ever have imagined...


Recording: Aron Toman & Matthew Kopelke. Post-production, sound design & CD mastering: Aron Toman. Music: Peter Wicks, David Nagel, & Owen Spratley. Series theme: Ron Grainer. Realisation: Howard Richardson. Cover illustration and packaging design: Alasdair Dewar. Press & PR: Aron Toman. Recording: BTR's Lacaroo Street Studios (BTR material). Director: Aron Toman & Matthew Kopelke.



Episode endings

  1. The Doctor & Frobisher find themselves facing an angry mob in the travern. The voices rise in volume, declaring "Kill them!".
  2. The Doctor theorises that whatever it was that killed the girl could still be present, just as an ominous roar is heard.
  3. The Doctor realises he is to die, and states that "if the fabric of Time is to be preserved, I cannot do anything to stop it!"
  4. As the Doctor sets course, Jenny asks where he is taking her. Smiling, the Doctor states "wait and see, Jenny - wait and see!"

Additional credited cast

Destina (Jennifer Alyx), Davros (Aron Toman), Bartender (Owen Spratley), Santa Claus (Corey Klemow).

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Popular myths

  • This story links together the continuities of the Crossover Adventures Whoniverse and that of the BTR Whoniverse (while this story does feature characters from both production groups, this predominantly a Crossover Adventures serial. The BTR Doctor and Jenny appear in a "Side Step" capacity, meaning that this story is not in any way strictly part of the BTR canon).

Things to listen out for...

  • The beginning of Part Two features an audio montage of clips from the first series of BTR's Doctor Who productions.

Things you probably never knew...

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