ST&SS08: A Quiet Beach Somewhere
A Quiet Beach Somewhere (final)
Preceeded by Dominion
Followed by Present, Past, & Future Danger
Featured cast
The Doctor Matthew Kopelke
Guy Anwar Kane Major
Production notes
Recorded August 2003
Released December 2003

The Doctor has done what he never thought he would ever do - kill his closest and most dearest companion. Despite Guy's attempts at cheering him up, the Doctor is slowly sliding into a deep form of depression.

Before too long, however, the Doctor and Guy both realise that they are being toyed with - tested by someone they have never fought before. All the tests revolve around one location, one period of time, and one family line.

Who is toying with the Doctor and Guy, and why? In what way is this linked to their recent bout with the Watcher? And just why are the Doctor and Guy constantly being drawn to locations in Queensland in one time period?


Written by Witold Tietze. Additional Dialogue by Darran Jordan. Photographed and Edited By Witold Tietze. Music Composed and Performed by Peter Howell & The BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Sound Effects Courtesy of Sound Dogs. Additional Sound Design: Matthew Kopelke. Assistant Director: Scott Marshall. Executive Producer: Matthew Kopelke. Produced and Directed by Witold Tietze. Special Thanks To: The Staff and Management of Shelley Inn & The People of Shorncliffe, QLD.


"A Quiet Beach Somewhere" by Witold Tietze

"A Quiet Beach Somewhere" by Witold Tietze

"A Quiet Beach Somewhere" Bloopers

"A Quiet Beach Somewhere" Bloopers


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The Narrator (Arthur Guthrie).

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  • This is the second chapter in the six-part mini-series Interlude. This chapter was preceded by Weary Death, and features the introduction of the enigmatic Narrator character, the central antagonist of this mini-series, and explores the realisation by the Doctor that he and Guy are frequently being returned to the same years in the same location, for reasons as-yet unknown. This chapter was followed by Kindred Spirit.

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