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BTR's flagship production series was the audio & short film adventures of our very own Ninth Doctor and his various companions.

Our series was quite different to most other fan-produced series out there, in that a definite approach was taken to make the resultant serials as "mainstream" as possible. This meant we placed greater emphasis on such elements of drama as tension, mood, and meaningful characterisation for both the regular and guest cast. This was in stark contrast to a lot of other fan productions out there at the time, which simply tried to emulate their favourite eras and stories, producing products more akin to homages, rather than true serialised storytelling. While both approaches certainly have their merits, our inspiration for this style of storytelling came from listening to the productions released by the Audio Visuals team in the 1980s, as well as Gareth Preston's Fineline Productions in the 1990s. The end result was a multi-series product that garnered a healthy Internet-based audience.

Series A: The Journey Begins

This series introduces the BTR Ninth Doctor, and his first travelling companion, Chloe Richards. Chloe was the focus of the first of many BTR story arcs, focussing on her reactions to time travel and the Doctor's lifestyle. While the first 4 stories all featured past enemies of the Doctor, a definite attempt was made to do new & interesting things with them.

  1. Darkness Falls
  2. The Invasion of the Daleks
  3. Sentinel
  4. The Gallifreyan Recommencement
  5. Rapture The Heavens
  6. The Death Harvest

Series B: The Watcher

Following on from the success of the Chloe Richards story arc in Series A, it was decided to try something a little larger with Series B. With the introduction of the Watcher, a mysterious being trailing the Doctor for unknown reasons, BTR was able to craft an ongoing storyline that gripped many of our regular Internet listeners, prompting much discussion & debate. This series also saw the introduction of two new companions for the Doctor: the cheeky Guy Anwar, from 21st Century Earth, and The Ebullient Zautrino, from the fictional land of Elton, both proved to be instant hits with the audience.

  1. The Magical History Tour
  2. Smokescreen
  3. The Sahul Continuum
  4. Fortitude in a Slipstream
  5. The Ouroborous Heart
  6. Fire Danger

Series C: The Calm Before The Storm

Although Series C did not feature an explicit story arc of its own, as per the previous two series produced by BTR, each and every episode offered clues & hints as to what was planned to come in the fourth, and final, series of BTR-produced Doctor Who. In many ways, Series C is the bridging series between the Watcher arc's resolution, and what was ultimately to come in Series D. This series also saw the introduction of yet another travelling companion for the Doctor, academic Isobel McDaniels, who despite only appearing in a handful of stories, was able to garner some quite positive feedback from the listenership.

  1. Second Sight
  2. Dominion
  3. Present, Past, & Future Danger
  4. Marinus Alone
  5. Eternal Night
  6. Vanishing Point
  7. Una Morta Bella
  8. Renegade's Ball

Series D: The End of Everything

Designed to be the ultimate culminating set of stories for the entire "Tietze Masterplan", Series 4 was never realised. Despite this, some material does exist - the entire series was outlined in a lot of detail, with some serials receiving full a treatment. Some episodes were even scripted in their entirety. It is hoped that as much information can be posted about these unmade episodes as possible, to give the BTR audience an idea as to what might have been had the product line ultimately managed to last beyond the completed third series.

  1. Primal
  2. Genus
  3. Effigy
  4. Untitled Story
  5. Elixir
  6. Earth

Short Trips & Side Steps

In addition to the main series' listed above, BTR Productions also produced a large range of one-off short-form audio & film adventures. These titles were classed in two categories - they were either small adventures slotted in between the larger ones (the "Short Trips" side of things), or they were stories which explored alternative realities and "what if..." questions concerning our main continuity (the "Side Step" side of things). While the majority of these were short films, there were several short-form audios produced as well.

  1. A Cause for Carolling
  2. Deep Undercurrents
  3. Time To Go Home
  4. God Rust Ye Merry Gentlemen
  5. The Welcoming
  6. Weary Death
  7. Countdown
  8. A Quiet Beach Somewhere
  9. Christmas Comedy Special
  10. Doctor Who & The Monopoly Pub Crawl of Doom
  11. Kindred Spirit
  12. Ekka Winds
  13. Crisp & Even
  14. Big Hugs of Terror
  15. For I Walked With My Eye Upon A Star

The Six Minute Movies

Originally inspired by The Federation, a small collection of Six Minute movies were also produced between 2001 and 2004. The main aim of these was to allow Producer Matthew Kopelke to develop some film making skills of his own, but one exception to this rule was in 2003 when a special 40th anniversary Doctor Who video was produced and directed by Witold Tietze.

  1. The Six Minute UNIT Files
  2. The Six Minute Survivor
  3. The Six Minute Doctor's Birthday
  4. The Six Minute Guy Cubed

Missing Adventures

The following is a list of stories which were mooted at some time in BTR's history, but were never completed for a variety of reasons. They are listed here either because they never went past the title / basic storyline phase, or they were considered part of the Short Trips & Side Steps series, and as such did not play a central role in BTR continuity.

  1. Untitled Series C fan film
  2. In Gratitude
  3. Red Brigade
  4. Shadow
  5. Mondas
  6. Rebecca
  7. Where The Heart Is
  8. Fractures of Inifinity
  9. The Shrodinger Effect
  10. The Six Minute UNIT Files & The Will of Doom
  11. The Six Minute UNIT Files & The Land of Death
  12. The Six Minute UNIT Files & The Ghost of Fear
  13. The Six Minute Ethel the Frog
  14. The Six Minute Bush Tucker Man vs Wallaby Jack Celebrity Deathmatch
  15. The Six Minute MacGyver Who

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