Who is the Aluminium Chef?

The Aluminium Chef
That would be me - David “Runcible” Hutchison, regular BTR cast member and production staffer from Day One.

When I agreed to host recording sessions at the Melton Road Studios, I decided it would be good hosting if I put-on some catering as well. Rather than buy it, though, I decided to cook it myself, figuring it was easier to cook for a small group than to buy set catering items that would either cost a lot or not feed all my guests.

The title “Aluminium Chef” comes from one evening when I served dinner for the BTR crew at a Saturday night recording session, just as the cult cooking program Iron Chef was being broadcast for the week. While it would be too big of me to claim I was anywhere near as good as the Iron Chefs, the unofficial Aluminium ranking was soon accorded to me, and we’ve basically run with it in the time since.

These are just some of the dishes I’ve created over the years, mostly for BTR recording sessions, but there also a few new creations included in the mix. Many are adaptations of other, more famous recipes that I’ve personalised or just tweaked in my own way. One or two have come around from pure experimentation, which does work sometimes - but only sometimes.

...and plenty more to come.

I'd love to hear how these work for you at home, if you wanted to try making them for yourselves. Drop me a line at the BTR Community Forum or via email on if you have any questions on the dishes or how I came up with them, or for leaving feedback.

Enjoy. ;)

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