ST&SS09: Christmas Comedy Special
Christmas Comedy Special
Preceeded by Time To Go Home
Followed by Kindred Spirit
Featured cast
The Doctor Matthew Kopelke
Lana Sharon Brown
Production notes
Recorded September 2003
Released December 2003

Lana - the Lovely Lana to her friends - is a comedienne. A female comedian, her life's work is to make people happy. To make people laugh. A laugh to Lana is like magic and gold.

Sadly, there isn't a lot of laughs in Lana's life. She is depressed, alone, afraid, and despises all that there is in the Universe. She's someone who feels she has reached life's end, and is prepared to take any means to end it all.

But what if someone were to walk into her life - try and sort things out? To try and change things? Would a funny little man who tells stories of monsters out there in the depths of space really be able to make a difference?


Written by Darran Jordan. Story by Witold Tietze. Shot, Cut and Digitally Graded by Witold Tietze. Art Director, Wardrobe Supervisor, Feminine Perspective: Kathryn Fallon. Catering, WebCam + Vocal Stand-In: David Hutchison. Sound Recordist: Whoever Grabbed the Mic. Rubber Chicken Courtesy of Jacob Aldridge. Replica Saturday Night Special Courtesy of Matthew Kopelke. Music: Naval Officer + The Dream Composed and Performed by Jocelyn Pook. Un Sospiro + Grey Clouds Composed by Franz Liszt. Grey Clouds Performed by Dominic Harlan. Executive Producer: Matthew Kopelke. Directed and Produced by Witold Tietze. With Thanks To Melton Road Studios, The Makers of Delicate Red lipstick, and The City of Melbourne for artistic guidance. This film is dedicated to the people who make us laugh and make us cry.


"Christmas Comedy Special" by Darran Jordan

"Christmas Comedy Special" by Darran Jordan

"Christmas Comedy Special" Bloopers

"Christmas Comedy Special" Bloopers


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