ST&SS07: Countdown
Btrdwstss07 cover
Preceeded by Weary Death
Followed by Second Sight
Featured cast
The Doctor Matthew Kopelke
Guy Anwar Kane Major
Production notes
Recorded May 2003
Released September 2003

The Doctor and Guy arrive in what appears to be the garden of a manorial estate. However, the discovery of a nearby energy force-field confirms the Doctor's suspicions - this is far from an ordinary location.

At the centre of this mystery lies an ancient pyramid, and contained within it are the bodies of a long-forgotten race of beings. Beings that have been waiting for a signal - a signal that is yet to come.

Where is this beautifully-tended garden that is housed within an energy dome? Who are the mysterious Sleepers in the pyramid? And what of an old, dottering man found tending to the garden - what part does he play in this?


Recording, post-production, sound design & CD mastering: Matthew Kopelke. Music: Robert Warnock. Series Theme: Ron Grainer. Realisation: Peter Howell. Cover illustration and packaging design: Alasdair Dewar. Press & PR: David Hutchison. Recording: BTR's Melton Road Studios. Script Editor: Witold Tietze. Producer: Matthew Kopelke. Director: Matthew Kopelke.



Episode endings

  1. Safely back inside the TARDIS, the Doctor comments to Guy that the universe is "full of things you don't expect!".

Additional credited cast

Sleepers (Caroline Frewin, Tiffany Melius, & Susannah Tiller), The Gardener (David Hutchsion).

Popular myths

  • The music for this story was recycled from the Beyond Traditional Recognition audio release Dark Guardian because of a lack of time (this was due to a lack of a suitable original composer being available to work on the story. Thankfully, the timings here work perfectly for the story).

Things to listen out for...

  • The first 90 seconds of the story is told entirely through the use of sound effects and music, with no dialogue at all. This was the first time BTR had ever used the audio medium in such a way, as Producer Matthew Kopelke was keen to explore the unique properties of audio as its own storytelling medium, rather than just a "film in your mind" without the pictures.

Things you probably never knew...

  • This story generated the single largest thread on the old BTR Opinion Forum at Ezyboard. The thread was generated by regular BTR detractor and critic Trevor Gensch, who used the story's release as an opportunity to continue his long-running saga of unfairly criticising and demonsing the work put in by the cast & crew of BTR Productions.

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