ST&SS13: Crisp & Even
Btrdwstss13 cover
Preceeded by Ekka Winds
Followed by Big Hugs of Terror
Featured cast
The Doctor Matthew Kopelke
Guy Anwar Kane Major
Production notes
Recorded September 2004
Released December 2004

The Doctor and Guy, after dropping Isabel off home for a quick visit, find themselves on the planet Rutip 6, a garbage planet filled with all manner of odds and ends. Said odds and ends also happen to include two old "friends" of the time travelling duo, with Carp and Stanford crossing paths with the Doctor and Guy once more for a Christmas-themed adventure.

The Doctor and Guy soon realise, however, that they are not the only time travellers on the planet. Before too long, the group of disparate travellers find themselves prisoners of the Daleks - but there is something different about this group of Daleks, and they seem to know the Doctor in a very personal way.

Just what makes this group of Daleks different, and why are they being hunted by the Dalek Empire? What connection do they have to a previous incarnation of the Doctor? And just why do the Doctor and Guy keep running into the two most annoying people in the Universe on Christmas Day?


Recording, post-production, sound design & CD mastering: Matthew Kopelke. Music: Gerry Cooper. Series Theme: Ron Grainer. Realisation: Robert Warnock. Cover illustration & packaging design: Matthew Kopelke. Press & PR: David Hutchison. Recording: BTR's Melton Road Studios. Script Editor: Witold Tietze. Producer: Matthew Kopelke. Director: Matthew Kopelke.



  1. Opening Theme
  2. Music Cue
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  4. Closing Theme


Episode endings

  1. The Doctor wishes the now Dalekified Carp & Stanford a very Merry Christmas, in response to their newly aquired status.

Additional credited cast

Carp (David Hutchison), Stanford (Witold Tietze), Police Officer (Jacob Aldridge), Dalek Voices (Arthur Guthrie).

Popular myths

Things to listen out for...

  • This episode features a return appearance for the Human Factor Daleks, last seen in the Patrick Troughton serial The Evil of the Daleks from 1967.

Things you probably never knew...

  • This script was recorded at the same time as that of the September 2005 release Big Hugs of Terror as part of an evening dinner get-together for the core members of BTR Productions, following the filming earlier that day of The Six Minute Guy Cubed.

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