ST&SS12: Ekka Winds
Preceeded by Marinus Alone
Followed by Crisp & Even
Featured cast
Guy Anwar Kane Major
Isobel McDaniels Sharon Brown
Production notes
Recorded May 2005
Released August 2005

He is all seeing. All knowing. All powerful? Possibly. However, he's just found himself in a situation that even he isn't aware of what's going on, how he got there, or even why. This has him scared.

With the Doctor off assisting his grandfather on some U.N.I.T.-related business, TARDIS traveller Guy Anwar and new arrival Isobel find themselves at something of a loose end. That is, until they cross paths with a strange man.

What events connect the Informed Man with that of Guy and Isobel? Why doesn't the Informed Man know where he is, and why? And what do these events have with the Watcher's Prophecy?


Photography: Witold Tietze. Script Supervisor: Kathryn Fallon. Music: Michael Sadler. Editing & Sound Post: Witold Tietze. Executive Producer: Matthew Kopelke. Producer & Director: Witold Tietze.


"Ekka Winds" by Morgan Jeffery & Witold Tietze

"Ekka Winds" by Morgan Jeffery & Witold Tietze

"Ekka Winds" Bloopers

"Ekka Winds" Bloopers


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  2. Family Bonds


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Additional credited cast

The Informed Man (David Hutchison).

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  • This is the fourth chapter in the six-part mini-series Interlude. This chapter was preceded by Kindred Spirit, and features the Doctor's current travelling companions Guy Anwar and Isobel McDaniels meeting The Informed Man. This particular chapter runs concurrently with the feature film Vanishing Point, and tells the story of what the Doctor's companions were doing during Part 2 whilst the Doctor was off working with Rainor Vance.

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