ST&SS11: Kindred Spirit
Preceeded by Christmas Comedy Special
Followed by The Magical History Tour
Featured cast
Rainor Vance Kane Major
Rachel Vance Harmony Adams
Production notes
Recorded March 2004
Released May 2004

It has been 18 months since Rainor Vance entered the world of the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce. Since he became a part of a shadow organisation dedicated to protecting the Earth. In that time, his loyalty to his job has never been tested as much as it is about to be tested. This test is one that will have serious consequences for both Rainor and UNIT, depending on the outcome.

When a blast from the past enters Rainor's life, suddenly Rainor has to make a serious decision: does he side with those he has sworn to work for, or are family ties sometimes too entangled to sever?


Shot, Cut & Graded: Witold Tietze. B Camera Operator: David Hutchison. Caterer / Set Dresser / Sound Recordist: Kathryn Fallon. Location Manager: Ted Tietze. Musical Score: Michael Sadler. Executive Producer: Matthew Kopelke. Producer & Director: Witold Tietze. With Thanks To: Anna Reardon, Cameron Harris, The people of Karana Downs.


"Kindred Spirit" by Witold Tietze

"Kindred Spirit" by Witold Tietze

"Kindred Spirit" Bloopers

"Kindred Spirit" Bloopers


  1. Entrances & Greetings
  2. Family Bonds


Episode endings

Additional credited cast

The Butler (David Hutchison).

Popular myths

Things to watch out for...

  • This is the third chapter in the six-part mini-series Interlude. This chapter was preceded by A Quiet Beach Somewhere, and features the character of the Butler, who is later revealed in Vanishing Point to be The Informed Man. This particular chapter explores the role the Vance family plays in the mini-series, all of whom are ancestors of Guy Anwar. This chapter was followed by Ekka Winds.

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