01: Prison
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Featured cast
Kev Style Kane Major
Ann Jorma Alison Gallagher
Renn Asimov Matthew Kopelke
Production notes
Recorded November 2002
Released January 2004

The prison space station KX42, located in the Demtar Saphhi system, is one of the toughest places a criminal against the Federation can go. With only limited space to house prisoners, and an ever-constant stream of new inmates arriving every month, it means the average life expectancy of prisoners is very low indeed.

However, not all people who are sent to KX42 are criminals against the Federation. Some people are innocent - some people have been mistaken for criminals, and sent here as punishment for a crime that they did not commit. For these people, life for them at KX42 is something worse than they could possibly imagine.

So, if an opportunity to escape presented itself, and you considered yourself innocent, wouldn't you grab it with all you had? And once free, what would you do? Would you simply run away, or would you decide to strike back at the Federation which had so wrongfully imprisoned you?


Recording, post-production & CD mastering: Matthew Kopelke. Music: Dennis McCarthy. Series theme: Dudley Simpson. Theme remastering: Matthew Kopelke. Cover illustration and packaging design: Alasdair Dewar. Press & PR: David Hutchison. Recording: BTR's Lacaroo Street Studios. Script Editor: Witold Tietze. Producer: Matthew Kopelke. Director: Witold Tietze.



Episode endings

  1. Style, Asimov, and Jorma manage to escape from KX42, but with the ship so heavily damaged in the battle, they realise they will have to make planetfall very soon...

Additional credited cast

Warden (Witold Tietze), Belle (Kathryn Fallon), Guard (David Hutchison).

Popular myths

Things to listen out for...

  • This episode features a number of sound effects lifted directly from the TV series. The sound of Federation guns was lifted from the Freedom Party massacre scene in The Way Back, while the base alarm sound is lifted from the final scene of Blake. This was out of a desire by Producer Matthew Kopelke to have the universe sound consistent with that of the TV series, given how unhappy he was that this was not achieved in the two Barry Letts radio plays produced around the time of this fan serial.

Things you probably never knew...

  • Originally the artwork for the entire serial was to be undertaken by digital graphics artist Paul Eaton, who sadly had to move on from the project after only completing the first two covers. This is his take on the cover for this episode.
    Part One Cover

    Alt cover by Paul Eaton

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