03: Shards of a Forgotten Tomorrow
Preceeded by Ice
Followed by The Six Million Dollar Brain
Production notes
Recorded May 2001
Released April 2002

In the depths of a dark city an ordinary woman gives birth to an angel. An angel of unimaginable power and influence. But will the child be the saviour of the human race, or the first sign of its ultimate destruction? Only one person really seems to know what is happening in the city, but no one seems prepared to listen to her cries and pleas for mercy and life...


Writer: Darran Jordan. Script Editor: Witold Tietze. Post-Production: Matthew Kopelke. Music: Robert Warnock. Digital Artwork: Mark Brill. Producer: Matthew Kopelke. Director: Matthew Kopelke.



Episode endings

  1. You decide what it means...

Additional credited cast

Rebecca (Jeanne Leeke), The Father (Kane Major), The Psychologist (Stephen Cronk), The Mother (Wendy O'Shea), The Family Friend (Jana Kildey), The Neighbour (Rick Anzolin), The Inner Child (Donna Gleeson).

Popular myths

Things to listen out for...

  • Despite being an Australian production, Jeanne Leeke pronounces the word "aluminium" in the American form.
  • This episode was directed and presented in a fairly non-naturalistic fashion, employing a number of pseudo-Brechtian devices and with a soundscape that was more symbolic than realistic.

Things you probably never knew...

  • This was only the second time that a BTR production had been recorded outside of the Lacaroo Street Studios up until this point; this episode was recorded in one of the demountable music rooms at the former Australian Catholic University Mitchelton campus.
  • Originally the series Bible for Beyond Traditional Recognition featured an overview of the first few "seasons" of the series, with the goal being to ensure production could ramp up quickly. Each slot was either being written by Tietze himself, or had a storyline developed for another writer to develop on their own (at this early stage of the series, unsolicited submissions were not being accepted). This episode slot was originally filled with the story outline called Transmission, which was described by Tietze as follows: "Something evil is coming out of the TV. Something living as electromagnetic waves. Something pissed off that we’re polluting its plane of existence. While one of our characters is on the phone, he receives a particular virus from the thing, like laryngitis being passed over the phone line. Because this evil something is artificial intelligence, the act is akin to a computer virus being sent aurally, and then transforming itself somehow (plausibly, please) into an organic virus. Or perhaps it triggers off a DNA transformation or immune deficiency." In the end, writer Darran Jordan pitched a fully-completed script and Tietze accepted it with minimal rewrites, given the high-quality nature of the unsolicited submission. This led to a change of approach to the entire series.
  • This script originally started life as a submission to ABC Radio National.

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