03: Ship
Preceeded by Kerona
Followed by Traces
Featured cast
Kev Style Kane Major
Ann Jorma Alison Gallagher
Renn Asimov Matthew Kopelke
Production notes
Recorded November 2002
Released September 2004

Realising that their new home is incapable of outrunning or outgunning the bounty hunters currently pursuing them, the crew decide to take part in an extremely risky venture - one that will either see them as free as possible, or as dead as possible.

Landing their vessel on an airless, uninhabited asteroid in the belt surrounding the outer edges of the Demtar Saphhi system, Style, Jorma & Asimov undertake an entire shut down of every single system on the ship. Their plan - enter silent running mode, and hope they are not detected.

However, they quickly realise that the threat outside might not have evaded them as well as they'd hoped. If the bounty hunters saw them set down on the asteroid, the crew will be in serious trouble. However, could there also be a problem that's a bit closer to home than anyone hasn't thought of?


Recording, post-production & CD mastering: Matthew Kopelke. Music: Paddy Leitsch. Series theme: Dudley Simpson. Theme remastering: Matthew Kopelke. Cover illustration and packaging design: Alasdair Dewar. Press & PR: David Hutchison. Recording: BTR's Lacaroo Street Studios. Script Editor: Witold Tietze. Producer: Matthew Kopelke. Director: Witold Tietze.



Episode endings

  1. With the ship once again operational, Style convinces the rest of the crew to head to his secret coordinates, despite not knowing what they will find once they reach their destination...

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