07: The Alien Factor
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Production notes
Recorded June 2003
Released January 2004

There are some things - strange things - on this Earth that man isn't meant to understand. Words that are deemed unfit to enter society s lexicon, except in the realms of fanaticism, superstition, even downright fiction. And that is why we exist - to keep certain home truths from the human race.

She is one such anomaly. She is apart from society, seemingly unable to form a part of its coherent structure. She says she fits seamlessly into our remit. In a way, she's right. She fits. Not seamlessly, but she fits.

I have my suspicions. She strikes me as a hoax, or someone genuinely misguided at the very kindest. Nevertheless, the powers that be feel she represents too much of an unknown quantity. In that respect, perhaps this is the best place for her. In that respect, we keep her apart from society.

That's problem number one chalked up. But it's been a busy week. Some fool has reported a UFO sighting. It's a CE-III - Close Encounter of the Third Kind, to you and l. Not the old film, but a sighting of alien beings. It's probably bunkum. It's usually bunkum. Just like our latest "anomaly". But it's what we're here for, so we're obliged to investigate.

We're always obliged to investigate.


Writer: Witold Tietze. Post-Production: Matthew Kopelke. Music: Robert Warnock. Digital Artwork: Brian Jordan. Producer: Matthew Kopelke. Director: Witold Tietze.


Recording "The Alien Factor"

Recording "The Alien Factor"


Episode endings

  1. As the army forces attack the soon-to-depart alien craft, Jane Doe reflects sadly on the fact that her alien captors were right about humanity being a dangerous species...

Additional credited cast

Jane Doe (Nicole Sargent), Christian Gillard (Jacob Aldridge), Isabelle Lee (Sharon Brown), Anthony Marwood (Kane Major), Major Peter Corman (David Hutchison), Dr Glynis Baker (Jeni Friend), Security Guard (Witold Tietze), Police Sargeant (Kathryn Fallon), Alien of the Week (Matthew Kopelke).

Popular myths

Things to listen out for...

Things you probably never knew...

  • This was the first ever BTR production to be recorded at the Melton Road Studio Complex - in real life, it is the residence of one David "Runcible" Hutchison. This was also the first BTR release to be catered for by the mysterious chef soon to be known as The Aluminium Chef.

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