04: The Six Million Dollar Brain
Preceeded by Shards of a Forgotten Tomorrow
Followed by Dark Guardian
Production notes
Recorded May 2001
Released April 2002

Five characters in search of an exit. For four of them, the plan is to make the exit and swift and painless as possible, taking with them a technological artefact of unimaginable value. For the fifth, the plan is to hold them back with all his might, stop their plan from coming to fruition. The only problem is, he had also planned to exit with his life...


Writer: Cameron Harris. Post-Production: Matthew Kopelke. Music: Robert Warnock. Digital Artwork: Shutterstock. Producer: Matthew Kopelke. Director: Witold Tietze.



Episode endings

  1. With Matteus having all but confessed to the situation, Josiah exits hurriedly to speak with his police contacts, only to discover that his proximity to the artificial brain meant the wire failed to work, and that Matteus has gotten away...

Additional credited cast

Josiah (Bill Billingsley), Matteus (Matthew Kopelke), Ricardo (Witold Tietze), Emmaline (Susannah Tiller), Genevieve (Wendy Musgrove), The Auctioneer (David Hutchison), with other parts played uncredited by the cast.

Popular myths

Things to listen out for...

  • Josiah clearly has some sort of a bladder problem in the opening scene, but that was just because the foley work undertaken by Matthew Kopelke (using a plastic jug of water!) included him wanting to create some slight humour with the sound design.

Things you probably never knew...

  • Cameron Harris is a pen-name for Story Editor Witold Tietze, and was used here to help give the impression the first series was written by more people than it was.
  • Many year's later, Witold Tietze would pen a prequel short story for this particular episode. That story, entitled Trading Futures, can be found in Different Times, Different Places.

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