BTR6M201: The Six Minute UNIT Files
Preceeded by A Cause for Carolling
Followed by Time To Go Home
Featured cast
Rainor Vance Kane Major
Jennifer Langard Jana Kildey
Andrew Walton David Hutchison
Production notes
Recorded March 2001
Released April 2001

After hearing disturbing reports from a "friend of a friend" of unearthly occurrences, Professor Jennifer Langard and Captain Rainor Vance of the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce decide it's time these reports were investigated.

Drawn to a small townhouse in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland, Jenny and Rainor make a shocking discovery there - one which will threaten Rainor's life, and Jenny's scientific outlook on life. For they both thought vampires were only the stuff of folklore and gothic horror novels. But as they investigate further, they soon discover that vampirism is very much alive and well in Brisbane - but wants to claim more lives...


Camera Operators: Matthew Kopelke & Kane Major. Camera Supplier: David Hutchison. Music: Richard G Mitchell & Alistair Lock. Sound, Editing & Mixing: Matthew Kopelke. Shot on Location in: Brisbane, Queensland. Special Thanks To: Jennifer Adams Kelley, Steven Hill, Robert Warnock, & Witold Tietze. UNIT Concept Created by: Derrick Sherwin. Produced and Directed by: Matthew Kopelke.


"The Six Minute UNIT Files" by Matthew Kopelke

"The Six Minute UNIT Files" by Matthew Kopelke

"The Curse of the Vampire" Bloopers

"The Curse of the Vampire" Bloopers


Episode endings

  1. Jenny Langard files her case report for this particular incident, still unsure as to who - or what - she and Vance just faced...

Additional credited cast

The Vampire (Bill Billingsley).

Popular myths

  • The voiceovers at the end of the film was an intentional creative decision (there was meant to be a scene filmed and set inside the UNIT office that Vance and Langard work out of, but due to the film already hitting the 6-minute mark without this additional scene, Director Matthew Kopelke chose to record the dialogue as a voiceover to allow it to run over the closing credits, thus ensuring the film met the 6-minute requirement).

Things to watch out for...

  • Jana Kildey double as the female victim in the bedroom scene - this was a last-minute decision when it became apparent to Director Matthew Kopelke there was no way to shoot around not having an extra person for that scene. She was credited under the pseudonym Linda Jayke (see if you can work out how we arrived at that name!).

Things you probably never knew...

  • This film was recorded at the place of residence of actor Kane Major, who was living in that particular townhouse in Alderley whilst studying at Australian Catholic University (where he met both Matthew Kopelke and Jana Kildey) in the neighbouring suburb of Mitchelton.
  • You can view a full production diary for this film at

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