ST&SS03: Time To Go Home
Btrdwstss03 cover
Preceeded by The Six Minute UNIT Files
Followed by Christmas Comedy Special
Featured cast
The Doctor Matthew Kopelke
The Tramp David Hutchison
Production notes
Recorded May 2002
Released August 2002

The tramp lives on his own. He doesn't bother another living soul. He lives in a deserted garage in a deserted abandoned home in a forgotten city. The perfect nobody.

Enter a mysterious stranger with a strange story to tell. A story of bright lights in the sky, of alien worlds and space ships. A stranger who steps in from out of the cold, threatening rain and into the dry, safe world of the tramp.

The question is - which one is sane? The stranger with his even stranger story, or the safe and down-on-his-luck tramp...?


Photographer: Witold Tietze & Kathryn Fallon. Music Composer: Paul Hindemith. Music Performer: The ORF Symphony Orchestra. Producer: Matthew Kopelke. Editor & Director: Witold Tietze.


"Time To Go Home" by Peter Grehan-0

"Time To Go Home" by Peter Grehan-0

"Time To Go Home" Bloopers

"Time To Go Home" Bloopers


Episode endings

  1. As the Tramp's camouflaged space ship begins to take off, the Doctor shields his eyes as it emits a blinding white light & fades away.

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