ST&SS06: Weary Death
Btrdwstss06 cover
Preceeded by The Ouroborous Heart
Followed by Countdown
Featured cast
The Doctor Matthew Kopelke
The Informed Man David Hutchison
Production notes
Recorded March 2003
Released June 2003

The Prophecy has been made. The Watcher knew of it. And now the Doctor knows of it as well. A dark, terrible Prophecy that involves the fate of the entire Universe.

The mysterious stranger also knows about the Prophecy. He also knows all about the Doctor, and his involvement in the Prophecy. He knows exactly what the Doctor has just learnt.

What is the Doctor's part in the Prophecy? What is the Watcher's connection to it? Why has it got the Doctor so depressed? But more importantly - can this stranger help the Doctor when the time comes?


Sound Recordists: Witold Tietze & Kathryn Fallon. Sound Editing: Witold Tietze. Musical Score: Michael Sadler. Editor: Witold Tietze. Photographer: Kathryn Fallon. Executive Producer: Matthew Kopelke. Producer & Director: Witold Tietze.


"Weary Death" by David Nagel & Witold Tietze

"Weary Death" by David Nagel & Witold Tietze

"Weary Death" Bloopers

"Weary Death" Bloopers

"Weary Death" Documentary - 'Perspectives on Weary Death'

"Weary Death" Documentary - 'Perspectives on Weary Death'


  1. Music


Episode endings

  1. The Informed Man walks away from the Doctor, pausing briefly to interact with a nearby family playing with a soccer ball.

Additional credited cast

The Informed Man (David Hutchison), The Family (Trent, Olivia & Madison Geissler).

Popular myths

Things to watch out for...

  • A Series B continuity note finally plays out in this short film. In The Magical History Tour, the Doctor arrived in London to "pick up some groceries and have a nice meal down at the pub". With the Watcher arc taking up his full attention, and yet now complete, he finally gets a chance to stop off for said meal.
  • The Doctor's love of iced coffee milk drinks makes its first appearance in this short film. This would be revisited in A Quiet Beach Somewhere.
  • This is the first release in the 6-episode mini-series of BTR releases entitled Interlude. Fresh from the success of the Watcher story arc in Series B, Story Editor Witold Tietze began constructing his second story arc, one which was borne out of the events of Series B. Interlude concerned the Doctor's realisation of The Prophecy involving his death, told to him by The Watcher during the events of The Ouroborous Heart. Interlude would continue with A Quiet Beach Somewhere, Kindred Spirit, Ekka Winds, Vanishing Point, and ultimately conclude in Renegade's Ball. The reason for the story arc being called Interlude was that it took place between the Watcher story arc of Series B, and the Series D story arc.
  • The Informed Man makes his first appeareance in this serial, one of the central characters within the Interlude story arc.

Things you probably never knew...

  • This film was shot in colour, but director Witold Tietze issued executive producer Matthew Kopelke with a black & white copy as the result of a last-minute decision to make the film aesthetically different from previous efforts.

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